Why Sarjapur Road should be on every investor’s mind

When it comes to investing in real estate, there is one place in Bangalore that investors should focus on: Sarjapur. It is no longer an outskirt; rather, it has emerged as an attractive and secure neighbourhood, one to look out for in the near future.

Rising real estate sector

In Bangalore, Sarjapur has become a hotbed for real estate investments. Since it was a suburb earlier, land prices were substantially low, and tech companies capitalised on this factor. The IT boom that began in the early 2000s has now led this locality to become a prime destination. The real estate market rates are still much lower in comparison to the city’s central areas. The approximate cost per square feet is almost ₹6,000 now, but its value is estimated to only go upwards. The upcoming high-end construction venture adds to the attractiveness of Sarjapur, making it a rising real estate star.

An IT hub that attracts more people

This booming hub in India’s Silicon Valley ensures that the locality remains populous. The opportunities are only expected to grow as more individuals move to this region. Not just from Bangalore, but even from other parts of the country, people aspire to be a part of this IT hub. For example, in order to cater to the needs of IT professionals or their families residing in Sarjapur, a number of schools, colleges, hospitals, shops, restaurants, malls, gaming arenas, etc. have been established. As an investor, more than one door has opened up in order to reap the benefits of this prosperous place. One can buy and later rent out property for both commercial and residential purposes.

 The best of technology and nature

While it is most definitely true that the IT industry has changed the fate of Sarjapur, one simply cannot overlook how close to nature this area is. While everyone looks at the times ahead with technology in mind, no compromise should be made while giving importance to nature. The future will be murky without the lush greenery protecting it all. This former suburb has the perfect balance of being futuristic and yet being in sync with nature. The locality is blessed with lots of greenery, and the apartments like Godrej Park Retreat and villas also include gardening and vegetation as a priority. In Sarjapur, technology and nature go hand in hand.

Demand for modern apartments and villas

The property rates in central Bangalore and surrounding areas are quite high, leaving many disheartened. Even smaller sites cost a big amount. In Sarjapur, however, there is more to gain at lower prices. The modern, well-equipped apartments of Sarjapur, along with the villas, are much more affordable. Be it a 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK, or even 5 BHK, there is something for everyone in Sarjapur. Apartments with advanced facilities or a huge, spacious house are both favourable options. You can either invest in the home of your dreams or rent the space. With rising real estate rates, selling property will be highly profitable in the future.

 More planned and developed than other localities

Sarjapur has an advantage over other parts of the city. It is much better planned, organised, and developed. Wide roads, less traffic, multiple IT parks, posh neighbourhoods, shopping, leisure, recreation, education, and healthcare—Sarjapur has them all. A well-rounded lifestyle is a promise of Sarjapur. Even noteworthy real estate players such as Godrej Properties are set to expand their endeavours, covering more of the locality.

Upcoming infrastructure projects

Although Sarjapur is already widely known as an IT hub, there is more and more development coming its way. Apartment complexes, houses, and villas are going to continue to grow in number. In order to cater to the lifestyle needs of the IT professionals and the residents, large infrastructural ventures are in the works. There are going to be more IT parks, more housing options, more shopping centres, more restaurants, and anything else the place needs. For example, buying property and renting it to banks, supermarkets, shops, retail stores, cafes, restaurants, and more. You can also invest in residential projects that you can keep for yourself, rent out, or perhaps even sell in the future for a profit.

For investors, Sarjapur is like a gold mine that they can strike time and again and never go back empty-handed. It is the second-most searched place online; seize the opportunity fast because several eyes have set their target on this place.

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